Price per room per night


  • 1 or 2 night
    RoomBasic priceDiscount price*Accomodating 1 person
    Two-bed1 000 CZK900 CZK600 CZK
    Three-bed1 500 CZK1 300 CZK
    Suite2 000 CZK1 600 CZK1 100 CZK

  • 3 or more nights
    RoomBasic priceDiscount price*Accomodating 1 person
    Two-bed900 CZK850 CZK550 CZK
    Three-bed1 250 CZK1 200 CZK
    Suite1 700 CZK1 600 CZK1 100 CZK

    * - introductory prices – this discount category applies from 1.1.2013 until further notice.
    - Two-bed room accommodating 1 person: 600 CZK
    - Suit room accommodating 1 person: 1 100 CZK
    - PWe do not currently accept debit/credit cards, payment only in cash in CZK.
    - Option of borrowing a travel cot including bed linen for children up to 15 kg free of charge.
    - Children discount.
    - Breakfast is not included in the accommodation price. The prices detailed below are per 1 breakfast.

    Next possible discount in case of accomodatig:
    - 0-50beds/month: 5%
    - 51-75beds/month: 10%
    - 76-100beds/month: 15%

  • Breakfast
    Type of breakfastPrice
    Basic breakfast85 CZK
    Large breakfast125 CZK
    Hot breakfast145 CZK

  • Cancellation conditions
    The following conditions apply for the cancellation of confirmed accommodation reservations:
    1. Any changes made by the ordering party (change of date, number of participants, cancellation of planned event) can only be made in writing to our address, or by email to:
    2. When cancelling a binding ordered event, you must pay PGL-Real, spol. s r.o. as the operators of the Milk inn guest house appropriate costs which arise as a result. Milk inn guest house has the right to deduct a cancellation fee from pre-paid deposits.
  • Cancellation fees for cancelling accommodation
    • 30 - 10 days before event begins: 30% of total price
    • 9 - 4 days before stay begins: 50% of total price
    • 3 – 1 day(s) before stay begins: 100% of total price


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